Tuesday, September 30, 2014

More Clothes For Sale

Alrighty--as asked here are a few more pieces to my too-small collection :))  

WhiteHouse BlackMarket jacket size 6.
Jackie John jacket size 6

Bandalino triple ruffle size 8.

Email is at the bottom of this post...

To all my Apostolic girls out there:

So I have finally resigned to the fact that the figure I had at 19 years old is not the figure I have at 27 years old--what happened?  Too many second helpings.  HA!  Here is my story:  I really, really, really disliked the food in Brasil and would not eat anything my mom didn't make.  Additionally fast food, junk food, and sweets were not readily available in Brasil.  SO!  While I was there I dropped to a size 2.  Bible College time came along and I was nervous all the time so I dropped to a 2 petite and had a few skirts that were a size 0.  I relaxed more in my second and third years of Bible College and went to a normal size of 4 and then 6.  So!  I have been hanging on to some of my favorite clothes from this era of my life and realize as the years pass that I will probably not be wearing these clothes again.  I am going to make them available in blogger world to my Apostolic girls first.  If there is no interest I will then post these clothes on eBay.  So here we go...

 This was my first home-made outfit.  I found a seamstress in Washington state and gave her this pattern and material.  She told me her charge would be $175 so I gave her the go-ahead.  When I went to pick up the outfit 2 weeks later she told me it would be $175 per item!  Yeah, needless to say, this is the most I've ever spent on an outfit.  

I wore it to my first TBC banquet, here I am with Sister Cooley.... 

And in Brasil (1 month after arrival for second term) with my choir.  The skirt has a kick pleat in the back that you may be able to see...

If you are interested in this outfit, see the email address at the bottom of the post and I will send you specifics such as the outfit's measurements and cost.  It would probably be about a size 2.  


White denim skirt with roses going down to the ruffle and lace poking out from the side ruffle.  SO fun to wear.  Again, in Brasil wearing this skirt....

The skirt is labeled as a size 8 but it really fits like a size 4 if you want it to look like the picture.


Denim green skirt with fringes, i guess you would call them, hanging from the bottom.  I bought this at a church boutique in Starks, Louisiana.  Here I am sporting the skirt against a Sunday School set...

Size Medium. 

Okay---Sooo....if you are interested in any of these articles of clothing, email me!




The Wakefields: Missionaries to Mexico said...

Oh my word, I am DYING!! I've never had clothes made in the US and have always wondered how good of a deal I get down here with my seamstress. (She does really good work).
I'm having a suit made right now - jacket and skirt - and she's charging me 300 pesos which is about 25 bucks.

Wishing I was a size 2...hehe! The clothes are beautiful!


Meagan Rowell said...

Very cute!! Too bad I can't fit into them! I'm in the 0 and 2 petite sizes but even then, it's difficult lol :)