Monday, October 18, 2010

The Pond Store

Thanks to all of you who visit my blog—I really enjoy blogging. I feel a little better connected with my family and friends who are scattered around the world!

I am very thankful to be working again at The Pond Store, a job I really do enjoy.

Sometimes my boss has me run the store which is a lot of fun...unless someone buys a koi fish. In that case, I have to catch the fish and put it in the take-home bag--yuck!:))
Most of the time, though I am in the back office fulfilling online orders, making marketing calls, invoicing or other such office projects.
This is the compound in which The Pond Store is located. Next door to us is a tea shop and a cute bistro.

If you want to create a paradise in your back yard call The Pond Store and we will introduce you to the world of ponds and waterfalls!:))

I am also staying busy with my Liberty University studies. Yesterday I finished American Government 220--I am sooooo happy!!!!! It was a tough class. Now I am taking Health 252, CMIS 201, and English 102.

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