Monday, August 29, 2011

Sunday Night Live

It was a privilege to serve in Nacogdoches this summer. I am grateful to Brother and Sister Crosswhite for the opportunity to do their music. My experience as a music leader in Nacogdoches was a good one that will certainly aid me in future music endeavors. I loved playing and singing and directing the choir! Brother and Sister Crosswhite are sincere, generous, and hospitable. They have a wonderful ministry and are holding strong to the truth. I pray God blesses them with good health to continue ministering for years to come!

Apostolic Lighthouse had a going away party for us after service last night--so sweet! They loaded us up with Starbucks gift cards, an espresso maker, lots of Starbucks coffee, and many sentimental cards. Thank you Apostolic Lighthouse for your kindness. Special thanks as well to Brother and Sister Holt, Brother and Sister Stewart, and Sister Kathy. In the next few pictures you will see us opening our gifts...

Sister Regina, a nurse, has been such an encouragment to me. She gave me this stethoscope with an engraving of my initials and Jeremiah 29:11. THANK YOU, THANK YOU! I am determined now to make it through nursing school! :))

My cowboy... :))

Little Isaac Crosswhite


This is a picture of our employer, Brother Boren. This summer he trained my sister and I to prepare tax returns, reconcile bank statments, and perform many other bookkeeping tasks. We had A LOT of fun working for him. He always entertained us with great stories and supplied us with lots of ice cream! :)) Thank you Brother Boren for all you did for us! You are very special to us and we will miss you!

"Good-bye Sister Alana and Sister Elisabeth"

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