Friday, January 18, 2013

The Best Month of The Year

Hello Everyone! Picking up from my last post I will open by saying "Don't blame me, I voted for Romney!" :))  Since I last blogged....
My parents went to Brazil to inaugurate a new church started by one of their Bible school couples.  The Lompoc church donated clothing which my parents delivered to this couple to distribute to the new converts in their church.  Here is the duffle bag full of clothes...

Twenty-Eight first time visitors were present at the inauguration service.  God is opening doors in this new area!

Right before my parents went to Brazil, we hosted the Wilson family.  I really enjoyed them and their ministry.  They did a few services in Spanish, too!  

We went to the Acts 2:38 Conference in Bakersfield.  What an amazing facility for a youth conference.  I was so impressed with their system and organization.  

THANK GOD!  We finally bought a house.  I love this house and after living for so long in our Brazlian house and then a fifth-wheel, this house feels very luxurious.  I am very, very thankful.  
So here we are in 2013, exactly 2 weeks away from my birthday. January is the BEST month of the year! It has been wonderful so far--I have just come off of a 2-week vacation from school and this weekend we are granted a day off for Martin Luther King Jr Day. YES! Happy January, everyone! 


Jennifer Connell said...

So glad to see a new church starting in Brazil! Also very happy for you having a home!! God is good! :)

Roberta said...

Nice house. Hope you had a great birthday!:)