Friday, August 23, 2013

Your Nursing Update

Hey Guys!  One more month!!!  I'm so excited that in one more month I will be finished with my nursing program!  We just finished our last day at the hospital where we were doing clinical rotations.  The hospital you see pictured is a new hospital in Santa Maria and let me tell ya--it was an awesome hospital to train in!!!

So I will tell you that I got to work in various departments at the hospital including Med-Surg, OB, CCU, Pediatrics, and Labor and Delivery.  Med-Surg was my favorite!!!  Anyone out there love Med-Surg?  :))  Okay I really want to do a review of these departments for anyone who might be interested in reading about the various departments in the hospital:

1) OB--the floor women go after they have a baby--was alright but there is so much teaching involved.  I felt uneasy teaching these women how to be a mom when obviously I have NO experience in this area! Ha. 
2) Labor and Delivery was my second favorite.  Intense monitoring, lots of charting.  Things can change within seconds.  Lots of action.  Loved it. 
3)  Pediatrics.  No way.  Least favorite.  Really did not enjoy having kids associate me with pain.
4)  CCU--critical care unit--lots of monitoring.  People on ventilators.  Was really neat.  Really have to know what you're doing! I did go into the Emergency Room a few times while on my CCU rotations.  Saw some pretty amazing cases.  LOVED it! 
5)   Operating Room.  Saw a heart bypass surgery, total knee replacement, total hip replacement, C-section birth, and a neck bone fusion.  Do not want to work down there. 
6)  I loved Med/Surg--the medical/surgical unit-- the best because of the variety of cases that I treated/cared for.  I was able to apply all my learned nursing skills and become familiar with a variety of medical conditions.

Pictured here is my class on our last day of hospital clinicals.  It was an awesome experience.  I am so thankful to have had the opportunity to work there.  Nursing is an amazing field and I am so glad to be a part of the team!


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