Saturday, January 11, 2014

Music 2014

May I introduce...the Gospel Lighthouse Choir...
The GPL choir has been together now for 1 year and has come a long way.  These singers have truly become a team and are singing so well together.  They have learned some difficult songs such as Power Filled With The Spirit, Let Your Anointing Fall On Me, Your Name, Dance All Over This House, We Still Believe, I Need Your Glory, I Won't Go Back, and more!  I am appreciative of all their hard work and dedication to the practices each Sunday at 5:30 PM! 
If you are one who also works with singer teams and you're like me, you start looking for new music at the beginning of each year.  Here are some ideas of where to look...
I am looking to attend this music conference.  Check out for more info on the Synergy Music Conference in Pine Grove. 
 Sister Cooley sent me this flyer--Texas Bible College Higher Ground Music Conference.
Jeremiah Sibley will be a clinician this year--he is an outstanding piano player who conducts online piano classes: 
Being the supportive alumni that I am of Texas Bible College :)) 
TBC Live Recording...February 7th.  Their recording 2 years ago was terrific--I got a lot of good songs from their arrangements.  You can purchase on iTunes
Most music conferences have "absentee registration" available.  You can have the whole packet of new music PLUS any session lectures mailed to you.
Hope this inspires you to find new songs in 2014 for your singer groups.  Any questions, leave a comment... 

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