Monday, July 5, 2010

Good-Bye Washington, Hello Brazil

I am back in Brazil for the summer! My sister Alana and I have just returned after spending 4 months in Washington working and going to school. We had a great time with our grandparents who just spoiled us! They even took us on a trip to Victoria, Canada—we had a great time! We went all around Victoria, had noon tea at the Empress Tea Room,went to the Bushardt Gardens, and then drove over to Vancouver to see the Olympic Torch cauldron. Here are some pictures:

On the ferry to Victoria!

Bushardt Gardens

Noon Tea

We also enjoyed our time at Bro. Bow’s church. Bro. Bow had Alana and I organize a children's choir. Here are some pictures of First Pentecostal Church:

"Cover the Earth With Your Glory!"

Front Row: Sister Angie, Alana, Tiffany, Jennifer
Back Row: Kaitlyn and Christine


Carla said...

Gostei muito do seu blog irmã elisabeth e as fotos são lindas!Com certeza vou visitá -lo sempre.

Você é muito especial para nós e amamos muito você e sua família!

Ir. Carla

Chris said...

Way to go! Looks great, just like you. Keep it going.
Love, dad