Monday, July 26, 2010

Weekend Church Events

Here are some pictures of our various church events over these last couple of weekends. We have had some really powerful services, but I never seem to remember to get out my camera during service! I will work on that. :)

Our youth department has been rehearsing for DOORS. They will be performing on Saturday night, August 7--don’t miss it! :)

Our Sunday school department had a FESTA to celebrate finishing another semester of excellent lessons! The children’s choir also sang Supernatural God—it was so, so cute. Below is a video clip of their singing. I had a 12 year old on the bass and a 10 year old on the drums. Alana kept us on beat from the piano! :))

Our music team has been hard at work. This weekend we put together a medley and it turned out so well. I was super excited. Next week the choir is taking a little tour and will be singing at another church about 2 hours from our city. We are taking a bus so it should be quite an adventure.

Last weekend we celebrated my mom’s birthday. Her birthday was on a Friday, the very day she and my dad did a study on CHOICES for our youth group. The youth honored her with a little celebration afterwards.

DOORS Practice

Children's Choir

Sunday School Festa--Game Station

Sunday School Festa--Arts and Crafts Station

Sunday School Festa--Arts and Crafts 2 Station

My Friends Telma and Camila Visiting from Caiuba

Happy Birthday Mom!

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