Monday, August 2, 2010

Choir Tour

On Saturday night our choir sang at a home missions church in Caiuba, a city 2 hours from ours in the interior of our state. We took a bus up, telling jokes and singing songs the whole way.

When we arrived we were greeted by the pastor’s family who had snacks prepared for us. I soon got my camera out and began taking pictures (I wish it had been light outside). The church building was a very charming wood building surrounded by palm trees. I loved it! I felt like a missionary! :)) (It was really hot there too!)

While I was wondering around with my camera, our music team set up their instruments and sound boxes. The church in Caiuba has no instruments or musicians, you see. I also talked to several of the church members, who are all very precious people.

We had a powerful move of the Holy Ghost in our service. The choir brought the house down—they did soooooo good!!! Then my dad preached a message entitled Pao Fresco. A man named Paulo got the Holy Ghost for the first time and several people were in the altar just crying and seeking God.

Please remember to pray for the church in Caiuba and for their pastor, a great man of God, João Pereira and his family. Just 5 months ago the Pereiras took the challenge of building up the work in Caiuba. Our church is supporting their endeavor. There is revival in Caiuba!

After service, we went to Carlinhos Lanchonete, a little restaurant owned by one of the church members. We all had hamburgers—not hamburgers like you would imagine. It was bacon, sausage, heart of palm, corn, and mayonnaise in a bun. Well, it was very flavorful! :))

We made it home around 2 AM.

On The Bus

Alana, Andrea, Noeli, Me, Janeide

Me, Daniella

Sunday School Room

Me and Jhully
In The Jungle :))

The Church of Caiuba


Song Service

Song Service


My dad and the pastor

My Mom

I made a friend

Me and the pastor's daughter

Me and the pastor's wife

Carlinhos Lanchonete
In the kitchen
Eduardo and Paulo

Henrique and Michel sharing their hamburger

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