Friday, August 20, 2010

Tow Trucks/Pizza/Math115

This week has flown! Today we got our car back! I am so glad to not have to walk all over town anymore!!!

On Monday night we had quite an adventure. We were on our way to Pizza Hut with 3 of Alana’s friends to celebrate Alana’s b-day. We were driving through centro and suddenly the clutch in our car went out. After we finally got the car pulled into an empty parking lot, my parents sent the 5 of us to get a taxi back to the church. It took some finagling since the taxi cars were not supposed to take more than 4 passengers, but we finally did make it to the church. My parents stayed with the car until the tow truck came. It was quite an escapade. Once we got back to the church our friend was able to get her car and take us to another pizza place nearby. We had stroganoff, chicken and caturipy, bacon/onion/sausage, and ham with cheddar…now you see why Pizza Hut is such a treat? :))

In other news, I have successfully completed my Math 115 course. I got a 95.5% on my final exam—I am sooooooo excited!!! Thanks, dad, for your help throughout the course!

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