Friday, April 1, 2011

It All Began...

In 2007, after a 3-year furlough, my mom and dad made the decision to return to Brazil. Here we are arriving in Sao Paulo after a 15 hour flight from Seattle. Notice all our luggage! HA!:))

6-hour layover to catch plane to our new home, Curitiba

I look like a zombie--truth be told, I was not really happy to be back in Brazil. After all the national board of Brazil put my parents through during their first term, I was not so sympathetic toward the Brazilian people; yet I knew there was a work to do and I wanted to support my parents so I decided to skip a semester at TBC to accompany my them to South America. I occasionally protested though. Like here.

We lived here in a 1-bedroom/1 bathroom flat for 3 months while we looked for a house. With 4 people and 14 huge pieces of luggage, we were uh..... cozy! :))

After about 1 month of adjusting back into the Brazilian culture, our friend and district superintendent Joao Pereira turned the headquarters church of Curitiba over to mom and dad.


Thus began a new chapter for the people of church!

I was put in charge of organizing a choir, teaching Sunday school, and working with my sister to build a youth program. So here I go....

First, I held auditions to see who could sing and what their ranges were. Then I laid down platform rules, proper conduct rules for practices and performances, and turned away anyone who was not baptized in Jesus Name and filled with the Holy Ghost! Each choir member had to sign a paper of committment to obey the rules, submit to the pastor, and be faithful to all principle church services, and their personal prayer life.

I started with about 35 members + band

My mom iniciated the Sunday School program by having Alana and I wear hot dag and hamburger hats. :)) We had 3 condemned buildings on our property. My dad ordered they be torn down. Wow did the guys have fun with that!!! Hammers galore. This is the mess they made. :)) Iniciating a fun youth program


Three months flew by and the time came for me to return to TBC. I didn't want to go back! I had formed relationships with the people in our church and my heart had softened toward the Brasilian people. Seeing the excitement grow at the church and watching people, so hungry for God, soak in all of our teachings was humbling. God had begun a great work in Curitiba. I had no idea if I would ever be able to go back...

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