Friday, April 15, 2011

Pacific Coast Camp?

Weeeeelll...let's take a vote. Alana and I are going to be in the USA this summer and are planning to attend a conference. Pastor Kendrick has so graciously invited Alana and I to come to Pacific Coast Camp and then spend some time in Lompoc afterward. Sounds great. Does anyone out there have some good reports on PCC or any tips about PCC? I am kinda nervous--are the services life-changing, are the people friendly, are the accomodations really primitive, how good do you have to be to join the volleyball games...? :))

The last camp I went to was in Rio Grande do Sul with the Walmer's church. Alana and I went with Mistaya, an AIMERs daughter from the USA. We had a blast, but let me tell you all--the conditions were primative! No hot roller plug-ins, 2 hr. lines for a cold-water shower, no air conditioning, and was the middle of the summer! :)) You know what, I don't think we even had a cell phone! HA!:))

Anyway, will it be PCC for the Weber girls...?

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