Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Happy July

Happy July Everyone! It is 104 degrees here in Nacogdoches and I am enjoying my summer--the first summer I've had in 3 years!!! (I travelled back to Brazil the last 3 summers and so that means I actually arrived in Brazil in the middle of their winter!) Ah!:)) So I am glad to feel the warm sun.

Blogger is doing something funny with my pictures so here is an explanation of the pictures below:

There was a flight mix-up when my dad was flying back to Seattle. They dropped him off in Houston so Alana and I raced down to the airport to see him.

Random pictures of the church.

Our 4th of July was spent at the Cooley's house. Alana rode horses with Joel while I entertained all the kids. :)) Great food and I met some very wonderful pastors and families.

I made a trip to Lufkin and met up with my dear friend Sarah Johnston. So nice to see her!!! I got to see the sweet Enner girls too.

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