Monday, June 20, 2011

Nacogdoches Update

Hey Everyone!

Yes I am updating my blog--finally!:)) I have some pictures to post but I didn't bring my camera with me to Starbucks. So I will post some pictures soon. We had an incredible weekend. Last night we got to the church for choir practice and the lights were all out. The electricity had gone out in the neighborhood. Yes I still held a practice! :))In the dark. Brother Crosswhite brought out a flashlight and let me use his ipad with a keyboard thingy on it. We found our pitch and practiced hard. By church time the lights still were not on so we all rode over to Brother Cannon's church on the other side of Nacogdoches. Our choir sang and they did sooooo good. We had a good church service. A bunch of us headed over to Wing Stop for some amazing boneless buffalo wings. It was pretty amazing.

We have been busy working and preparing music. We had a little spider scare. I guess they are called wolf spiders. Yes, we were greeted by one last week. So gross. I put on rubber gloves and started spraying Raid like crazy and Alana grabbed a broom and started swinging. We got 2 of the spider's legs. The end of the story is that we got an exterminator to come out right away. HA:)) Please pray that we do not have any mouse or snake problems. I know I will faint.

We are doing well and are enjoying country living. We are so excited to be going to Heritage next month! I hope to see you all there!!!! :))

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