Monday, November 14, 2011

Pre-Thanksgiving Dinner

Yesterday our church held its annual Pre-Thanksgiving Dinner. Every year the church provides a complete Thanksgiving meal to the entire church + visitors. It is a huge evangelism push for families to bring their friends, neighbors, and/or other family members to get to know First Pentecostal Church.

This year the event was held at Branks BBQ. The food was delicious. All the normal Thanksgiving dishes plus smoked salmon--so good! The theme was America. Pastor Bow spoke on the thought that even though our county's morals have decayed, the church remains the moral conscience of America and will continue marching forward until Jesus comes! We can be thankful to live the greatest country in the WORLD! :))

The chorale sang, the orchestra played, and Alana showed her presentation on America. It was a wonderful event. Alana and I brought our grandparents and cousin Luke. We had a great time!

Pastor Bow and Brother Dustin setting up flags at Pre-Thanksgiving Dinner

Alana setting up her presentation and telling me to stop taking pictures and to help her! Ha:))

Me and my G and G Weber

Me and my cousin Jill with her new baby girl, Leighton

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