Friday, December 23, 2011

Happy Holidays Revised

18th-- First Pentecostal Church End of the Year Banquet

Mom and Dad's 29th Anniversary

22nd--Arrival of cousin Mary and Tom and 4 children from Georgia to Washington. Cutest little cousins ever...

Elisabeth and Elizabeth

25th--I met up with my family in Houston. I flew out at 6:05 Sunday morning. Alana had left a week earlier. She found her giant iPhone and "President of the US" plaque (compliments of George Bush Library).

I do apologize about the sideways pictures. When I tried to turn them around they got so small that you couldn't really see the pictures. Hmmm...funny thing about iPhone pictures. :))

I will update again with Cmas pictures and WINTER HERITAGE pictures. Anyone out there going to attend??? Hope to see you there!!!!!


Elisabeth Weber said...

Yeay! My comments are showing!!! :) Happy commenting, Everyone. ~Elisabeth

darlene payan said...

Glad I came across your blog. How blessed to be used in the missions field with your family. God bless.