Monday, June 25, 2012


Hello Everyone! 

Happy Summer! Alana and I are now in California helping my mom and dad with the church in Lompoc. It feels like I came home!:)) So much of the town looks the same as when we left 12 years ago but thank God there is a new Starbucks! Ha. It has been wonderful participating in the services at Gospel Lighthouse. The Holy Ghost is still moving in that place and many exciting things are happening! Here are some pictures of the church which by the way looks so nicely updated.  When we left the church was all red--carpet, pews... :))

The Gospel Lighthouse:

View From The Pulpit

The Sanctuary

In Memory of Pastor Kendrick Whom We Miss So Much

Baptisms Since January--To God Be The Glory!

My Sunday School Area

Come Visit--Our Doors Are Always Open! :))

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Nonny said...

Awww! There is no place like home! :o)