Saturday, September 8, 2012


I am so amazed to see that this blog has received over 18,000 views--thank you all for reading my posts!  I have not given much attention to this blog since starting nursing school--yes, nursing school!  I am soooooooooo excited to say that I finally got in!!!!!!  Thank God!  Now I just have to stay in! :)) 

Okay so Alana had to leave us last week to return to Washington for her last year at Pacific Lutheran University.  She will graduate in May with a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science.  Here is her good-bye to the church: 

The dynamic duo has broken apart.  I miss my sister very much!

This has got to be the worst picture I have ever taken.  ANYWAY!  This is my Search For Truth student and friend, Anahi! :))  All summer Alana and I gave her a Bible study.  We finished the last lesson 2 weeks ago.  We are hoping she will get baptized soon! 

I was accepted into a nursing program in Santa Maria, CA, and started on August 6th.  It has been, so far, the most rigorous program I have ever experienced.  I love what I am learning and in 13 more months I will be a nurse--Lord willing!:))

My Aunt Laura surprised us with a visit. So nice.   

Last night's Youth Activity.  Our older youth went to Youth Alive and our younger youth had activity night with lots of.....surprises.  Ha!

Alana turned 22 on the 16th of August.

While my parents and Alana went up to Washington to get Alana all ready for another school year, I stayed behind with Bella.  Here she is.
Tomorrow is coming soon.  Hope everyone has some good church tomorrow! 
~Elisabeth Ann

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jessica said...

Oh Elizabeth I am so excited to hear about your schooling!! I miss you so much, but am happy for you!! It was very good to see your parents and sister!

We will take good care of Alana :)