Saturday, September 15, 2012

Oh Dear!

It all happened on Wednesday. I left for school at 6 AM. It was dark and foggy as usual but as I began rounding the curve near Vandenburg Village I thought i saw something moving. Thinking it was just the fog lifting, I just kept going until...OH DEAR!!! I hit a deer. It kinda bounced off my car and rolled to the shoulder. I didnt know what to do because my car was smoking--call 911, call AAA...??? My mom and dad were on a plane coming from Houston so I decided to call up a very nice family from our church. They came zooming to my rescue, we got the car towed away, and I made it to school just 1 hr. late! :)) I was quite shaken up and very sad to see my Honda hauled away for the appraisal. I am hoping to repair it and not replace it. Thank God the deer didnt come through my windshield!

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Roberta said...

I hope that you are ok, and the car can be fixed. Take care!