Saturday, January 29, 2011

January & More

January is the best month of the year! Just 2 more days until my birthday--I love my birthday! :)) I have celebrated my birthday in so many different places including Brazil, Texas, Washington, Nevada, Louisiana, and of course, Lompoc, California! So let me see here...

California Birthdays: Always included a special visit from Grandma and Grandpa Weber
Louisiana Birthday: Fuel pump went out on truck just as we took off to a creol-style restaurant
Nevada Birthday: A special church gave me a birthday offering!
Texas Birthdays: Surprise party with my TBC friends.
Washington Birthday: P.F. Changs with my cousins
Brazil: Churrascaria dinner
Missouri: That's this year, folks. We will be in Saint Louis so I'm thinking a tour of the arch and maybe P.F. Changs or the Cheesecake Factory. I can't wait!:)) I am so glad to be with my family for my 24th birthday!

In other news, I started back with Liberty University Online on the 17th. I am in my final semester with this wonderful school and it looks like it will be a GREAT semester! I A+ my quizzes this week!!!! I have Old Testement Survey, Crisis Counseling 302, Theology 104 (a mandatory class I put off until now) and Statistics. I have submitted my graduation application and come May, I will have my Associates and can move on to what I really want to study! :)) I am going into nursing school. Thank God I finally decided!

Let me see, we are parked at a church outside of St. Louis. The pastor came by to welcome us.... so...hopefully we will have some good church tomorrow! Alana and I are going back to Washington next week. It will be so sad to leave my folks again. We will just look forward to this summer!

Happy rest of January, folks! :)) Before I conclude, I would like to send a special HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my Brazilian friend named, Hissae. Feliz Anniversario um pouco atrazado, Hissae! Espero que voce tenha um otimo final de Janeiro!:))
Okay before I end this post, I will just add a couple of Brazil videos. One night my sister and I went to our local Wal-Mart and filmed things in the store. HA!:)) Wal-Marts in Brazil are NOTHING like American Wal-Marts, let me tell you!

I came across this video I took during the formative days of our church right after my dad took over. Here we go.......

Here is that same group (mostly) 3 years later....

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