Saturday, March 26, 2011

My Grandmas

I love my grandmas! My Grandmother Hurtt (mom's mom) came to Washington this past week to visit her sister who is recovering from some health issues. We got to see my Gramma H on Tuesday and had dinner together. We wish G and G Hurtt would get a summer home in Washington so they could visit more often! :))
Uncle George and Aunt Nancy, Lori, Me, Alana, Gramma H

I have to say in this post that Uncle George and Aunt Nancy lived in China for several years as English school teachers in the International School in Beijing. They have some incredible stories to tell!

Me and my Grandma Weber having tea together. I only have to work half-days on Fridays. She picked me up and took me to this lovely lunch! So yummy! ~ Oh yes and I am excited for my Grandpa Weber who was recently called back to work at his doctor's office--they needed another on call doctor! We are very happy that the doctor is back in! :)) My G and G Weber now have a blog so you can follow their adventures:

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