Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Travelling To Texas

My parents flew into Washington on Monday and we started our journey to Texas yesterday, Tuesday. We drove hard and even travelled through the night. Now we are stopped in Colorado out in the middle of no where because my poor little Honda started to shake and my check engine light started to blink. I think the car needs a break. So here we are! Thankfully we found a newer hotel with Wi-Fi and clean rooms. Yeay. Here is a little update...

Mom and Dad

Good-Bye Grandpa and Grandma Weber

My last day at work talking on the phone and taking care of the clients. My boss got me those beautiful flowers you see on my desk--so nice! Okay at the end of this post is a video of me catching fish for a customer. It was raining so my hair is flat but you will see how nice I am with customers who can't make up their minds which fish they want for their ponds! :)) Charity. My boss's daughter, my friend, and my photographer for the pictures you see in this post. A display table I got to decorate for the store. My sister and I went to Target and found this shirt with Brasil written across the front. Brasil is even spelled correctly! Wow. This certification here was a surprise. I took a Crisis and First Responder's class with Liberty University and recieved this certificate as well as a 1 year membership to the American Association of Christian Counselors. I have what I need to respond to a crisis situation or trauma scene I guess.

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