Saturday, September 25, 2010

Back In The USA

The Weber family is all together again in Washington! Alana and I arrived back in Washington 3 weeks ago and have now been joined by our parents. I am so glad they are here with us. My mom and dad are getting ready for deputation which means truck/trailer hunting. Foreign Missions has given them a 1-year schedule which is not too bad, actually. They hope to soon return to their church and continue the great work God has started in Curitiba!

I am back in school and working. I have a great job, located just 10min. from my house, working as a secretary for a company that builds and maintains ponds and waterfalls. I am also taking a full load of classes from Liberty University. Alana is also buried deep in school work from PLU. On with another semester!

We are all having a good time being together. We just miss Bella our dog who is at a doggie hotel in Houston for another week.

In front of Hello, Cupcake in downtown Tacoma

Here we are in front of my grandpa's and grandma's house. My grandma has a beautiful garden!

What I missed soooo much while in Brazil--White Chocolate Mocha!!!

Another place I greatly missed while in Brazil! :))

Hissae--Essa foto eh pra voce. Eh na frente da mais uma loja!:))

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