Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Youth Drama Recap

Last month our youth group performed Doors, an unforgettable drama exploring the condition of the unbeliever. About 10 years ago we saw this same drama performed by the Western District Drama Tour team. It was very impacting. In Summer '09 we began searching for the script and about 5 months later my sister finally got into contact with someone who had a used script of Doors. Alana translated the drama and then she, along with our youth pastor and his wife, produced the drama. It was very good and we had several visitors come to church for the first time to see the drama. Here is a clip of the drama Alana uploaded to YouTube:

Our Youth Leaders, Brother Osaes & Sister Carla, and Me!

Our cast minus 3 with the builder of the set, Brother Samuel!

Goofing off before the performance

Building the set

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